Map of Spain

Spain is one of the most diverse and visually stunning countries in Europe.

If you plan a trip to Spain you may find yourself overwelmed by the number of fascinating sights, beautiful landscapes and off-the-beathen-path towns to fit into your limited time.

Spain is a land of many colours, of light and shade, of dry and dusty plains and lush green hills. The country is blessed with a pleasant climate, fine cuisine, rich culture and a relaxed approach to life, and it is is a treasure-trove of arts and culture.

Few people know that Spain has four official languages and its regions differ vastly from one another.

Politically speaking Spain is divided into 17 ¨autonomous communities¨, each one having its own government and parliament and representatives in the central Spanish Government.

All the regions have the same legal rights and status inside the country. But there are 3 regions that stand out in terms of history and have their own language, identity and national feelings: Galicia (in the north-west corner of the country), the Basque Country (in the central north coast) and Catalonia(in the north-east corner of Spain).

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