Cadaques: Where I Left My Worries Behind The Mountains.

Cadaques Blog Trip 2013

Cadaques where i left my worries behind the mountains. This is a guest post by Ash Clark, one of our bloggers on our recent “blog trip” to Cadaques and the Costa Brava.

Cap de Creus
Onboard the Sant Isidre

Seeing as I arrived at night, it wasn’t until the next day that I really got to appreciate the unique location that Cadaqués is set in. Invited on a four day blog trip by Charming Villas Catalonia Cadaques was where we were spending our first two nights.

When I woke the next morning, I got to see what it is that has made this sleepy fishing village grow into a popular summer holiday spot.

Walking from my villa through the cobbled lanes that wind around the town’s whitewashed buildings and villas, I had no doubt in my mind that I was on the Mediterranean.

A typical street of Cadaques

Sailing on the Sant Isidre, Cadaques

I was lucky enough to spend my first day sailing on a ‘laüt’, a traditional Catalan fishing vessel. While I generally find most sailing experiences rather memorable, this particular one especially stood out as we sailed along the coastline of the Cap de Creus National Park. The unique perspective offered from the decks of our boat really allowed me to appreciate how spectacular the natural landscape is in this part of Spain.

While the coastline that Cadaqués sits on is without a doubt its main draw card, it was the mountains around the town that drew a lot of my attention.

The vast majority of the hillsides around Cadaqués have terrace levels, made from stack-stone retaining walls.

It doesn’t take one long to realize that most of these impressive walls are rather aged and that the incredible amounts of manual labor it would of taken to construct them was originally completed to serve a specific purpose.

The blank terraced hillsides that dominate the area today haven’t always been that way. I soon learned that Cadaqués was once a major producer of wine and olive oil. Unfortunately the wineries and olive farms that once thrived here were completely wiped out after an outbreak of a plant virus that destroyed the plants.

Today, wineries in the region are making a come back, offering some high quality drops of both red and white. Which, like almost every aspect of Catalan, have their own unique flare to them. Celler Martin Faixo grow their wines in the hills of Cadaques 

A little bay along the Cap de Creus

Cadaques where i left my worries behind the mountains

As the local saying goes, “When you come to Cadaqués, you leave your worries behind the mountains.” The natural scenery, food, art and culture on display in this fascinating town really do play true to those words for those who visit.

About the Author: Ash Clark is a travel writer and photographer from Sydney, Australia. With a strong curiosity, he never manages to stay in one place for too long. To keep up to date with his current travels you can follow his personal travel blog at and on twitter @themostalive.

Cala Guillola, Cap de Creus

Cala Guillola, Cap de Creus Cadaques

If hidden little coves and bays are your thing then look no further than Cala Guillola, roughly half way between Cadaques and Cap de Creus.

Cala Guillola
Cala Guillola, Cadaques

It can be a little difficult to find (you won’t see any signs pointing you where to go) and a little difficult actually getting there but your efforts will well be worth it.

We chanced upon the cove on a bright and fresh January morning with no other people in sight. Talk about idyllic, the temptation to try out the crystal clear water was very strong but the fact that we were in the middle of winter ensured sanity prevailed.

Cala Guillola
Cala Guillola, close to Cadaques

The area around Cadaques and the Cap de Creus peninsula is dotted with little coves like this. Check out another blog post which lists all of the many coves and bays in the area; The beaches and coves of Cadaques. Or check out the local Visit Cadaques website which has plenty of local information.

Cadaques vacation homes

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Locally based we can help our clients plan activities and extra services. Fancy a lunch with fishermen on the pier at Portlligat? Take a Costa Brava hot air balloon trip or sail around the Cap de Creus? We can help plan all these and many more.

The beaches and coves of Cadaques

A comprehensive list of the beaches and coves of Cadaques

Situated within the Cap de Creus headland, the beaches of Cadaques and its surrounding area tend to be smaller, more intimate coves and bays. If it is long sandy beaches you are looking for then Cadaques is not for you.

The best beaches on the Costa Brava
Platja del Ros, Cadaques on the Costa Brava

Where is Cadaques?

Cadaques is located at the end of the Cap de Creus peninsula. Windswept, wild and unpopulated, Cadaques really is stuck out on it’s own. The feeling of detachment from the rest of the Costa Brava is one of the reasons which make Cadaques so unique.

A great place for swimming, the water quality in this region is probably the best of the whole Costa Brava.

Although not official nudist beaches, don’t be surprised to see nudists in some of the more secluded bays further from Cadaques especially in the Cap de Creus.

The best beaches of Cadaques?

We have a few favorite beaches such as Platja del Ros, of of the few sandy beaches close to the town of Cadaques. We also love Cala Sa Sabolla which is a fair old walk in the direction of the Far de Cala Nans. The walk itself is a pleasant 5Km stroll through nice countryside with lovely sea views. The beach itself is pebbles rather than sand but nonetheless a great place to spend a few hours.

Another hidden favorite of ours is Cala Guillola. This is located to the north of Cadaques in the direction of the other lighthouse of Cap de Creus. Small and intimate this cove is sheltered from the local Tramuntana wind.

Cala Guillola
Cala Guillola, Cap de Creus, Cadaques

More information about Cadaques and the surrounding area can be found at the official Visit Cadaques website.

In the following Google map you will find the location of all the local beaches of Cadaques.