Costa Brava wedding venues

One of the questions we are sometimes asked by couples is whether they should choose a destination wedding on the Costa Brava or a Barcelona wedding venue?

There’s no easy answer to that question and it mainly boils down to personal taste. Within Barcelona itself and populated areas close to the city one may be subject to curfews with regards to playing loud music late into the night. On the Costa Brava and Girona province there may be more options of isolated country wedding venues where music restrictions are less severe.

Another important aspect for many couples is proximity to a major airport for guests flying in from overseas and this is why Barcelona and the Sitges area is such a popular wedding destination. From Barcelona airport to Sitges is around 30 minutes. From Barcelona airport most of our Costa Brava wedding venues are between one hour and 90 minutes away. So for all the benefits of choosing the Costa Brava over Barcelona there will be a bit more travelling involved for those flying in from further afield. The Costa Brava also has it’s own airport at Girona which connects the UK and other European cities but does not have any inbound flights from outside of Europe.

Costa Brava wedding venues (photo credit Barcelona Wedding)

At Charming Villas Catalonia we list a selection of Masia’s and Villas that accept weddings and events. Our wedding planner also knows many more venues which are not listed on our site and can make suggestions based on the couple’s special criteria and wish-list. We can also suggest extra accommodation for guests from our luxury villas on the Costa Brava close to your chosen venue

Considering getting married in Barcelona or the Costa Brava? We’d love to hear from you and help you plan your dream wedding. Send us an email to and we will introduce you to our dedicated wedding planner who can help you every step of the way.

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