About Girona


Girona is northern Catalunya’s largest city, full of historical and cultural interest. Its core is the old town built on a hill above the river Onyar, bounded by the ancient city wall on one side and the river on the other. Founded as a Roman fortress on the strategic Via Augusta, the city was fought over countless times even up to the 19th century.

Following the Moorish conquest, it became an Arab town for 200 years, and there was also a continuous Jewish presence for 600 years. It's no wonder that all these dramas have bequeathed an amazing mixture of architectural styles, from classic Roman through Moorish and medieval to modernism (or art nouveau).

The historic old town has been beautifully restored, and several roads and bridges link it to the new town. Among its many fascinating visits, all within easy walking distance, are the Cathedral, the Arab Baths, the Monestir de St. Pere de Galligants and the Museu d’Art. All in all, there are wonderful hours to be spent exploring its steep streets, and sampling some of its many bars and cafés and tempting boutiques.