What to do in Cadaques


The beautiful coastal town of Cadaques

One of the most sought after holiday destinations on the whole Catalan coastline, Cadaques has an undeniable charm and mystique which draws you back time after time.

Cadaques has for the most part evaded the developers due mainly to the fact that it is situated in the Cap de Creus national park right at the top of the Costa Brava and is somewhat isolated. Cadaques has been around for centuries but the only road in and out of the town was built around 1908, meaning that up until then the only access to the town was by boat.

The Cap de Creus peninsula is the most eastern point of Spain meaning that it is also the first part of Spain to witness the sunrise. The area has also inspired many artists, most notably Salvador Dali who lived in the area for many years and who venerated the light and colour and elements which make up the Cap de Creus and Cadaques.


Cadaques beach

Dali bought a bunch of fisherman’s shacks on the harbour of Port Lligat which I guess you could call a suburb of Cadaques, converted them into one abode and spent a great part of his life here. The house is now a museum which is open to the public.


A great way to spend a day or half a day is to take a boat trip around the Cap de Creus. The Sant Isidre is a classic Catalan fishing boat built in 1925 and which has a capacity for up to 35 people. You will visit isolated bays which are only accessible by boat and have the option of lunch onboard.


Martin Faixo is a producer of some great local wines http://www.cellermartinfaixo.com/

Cadaques also has some great restaurants and too many to list here but here is a small sample:

Compartir . Opened in 2012 by three local chefs who worked at the world famous El Bulli, Compartir has quickly became one of Cadaques’s most popular restaurants.


MOS Cadaques is another new restaurant which opened its doors in 2012. Contemporary food from a Michelin starred chef.


Haiku Cadaques is a small intimate restaurant serving Japanese fusion dishes.