The Resclosa d’Orfes



The resclosa near Orfes

Orfes is a sleepy little village situated roughly in the middle between Figueres, Girona and Banyoles and surrounded by arable pasture land.

In ten minutes you will have seen the village but there is a pleasant little walk from the village to the “resclosa” or ford which crosses the nearby river Fluvia.

In the map below take the track indicated by the red line and you will arrive at the ford. You can either take your shoes and socks off and walk across and return on the track indicated by the purple line or return by the same way you came.


Walking route to the ford

If you have built up a good appetite, the restaurant in Orfes, La Barretina d’Orfes is a great choice for lunch. They have a great selection of duck dishes and don’t miss their onion cake starter!

Plaça Major, 28 Orfes

972 560 280

Closed Thursdays and Sunday evenings.