Guided tours in Barcelona

The Catalan city of Barcelona is without doubt one of the most loved and visited cities within Europe and welcomes more than seven million visitors each year.
Sagrada Familia, The Ramblas, Park Güell, Casa Battlo are some of the better know attractions of the city and although they are a “must do” there’s so much more that the city has to offer the seasoned traveller.

There’s countless guide books you can read about the city which will give you some great pointers but to find those off the beaten track gems you really need an insider’s help to get the most out of your time in the city. Again, there’s lots of guides out there to choose from but we highly recommend the British Ex-Pat Simon Harris. Simon has been living in Barcelona since 1988 and knows the city like the back of his hand. Fluent in both Catalan and Spanish Simon is the man behind the website

The website lists ideas of places to visit and things to see but Simon is also available to give private guided tours and can be contacted from the website. Let him know what your interests are and Simon can arrange a bespoke itinerary best suited to your interests and Schedule.

For those of you interested in history Simon is also the author of the book “Catalonia is not Spain” which gives a detailed account of over a thousand years of Catalan history up to the present day. I truly believe that in understanding the history of the often troubled relationship between Catalonia and Spain visitors will appreciate more their time in Barcelona and Catalonia.

The Festivities around the 15th of August

Festa Major de Gracia

A decorated street during the Festa Major de Gracia in Barcelona

The week before and after the 15th of August there are many festivals (Festes Majors) taking place in Catalonia. The streets and squares of many villages and towns are decorated, and an array of traditional events takes place: concerts, dancing, markets, fairs, parades…

The reason why so many festivities take place during these dates is because traditionally this is the period when the work of mowing the fields ended. Also the Christian tradition set the 15th of August as the date to celebrate the Assumption of Mary, that commemorates the mystery of the elevation of Mary’s soul , the Mother of God, to heaven.

One of the biggest and better known festivals is the “Festa Major de Gràcia” in one of the neighborhoods of Barcelona, where 17 streets and squares are decorated by residents who transform their street into elaborately themed carnival style decorations.


Els Castells


Els Castells –a Catalan word that means castles– are a cultural tradition particular to Catalonia that consists of erecting human towers. The human towers are formed by castellers standing on the shoulders of one another in a succession of stages (between six and ten).


As well as having cultural and symbolic importance for the people of Catalonia, the castells are considered a demonstration of sporting prowess.

There are three definite parts to a castle: La pinya (base) is a bunch of strong, big castellers with the arms locked together in a taut circle. They support their teammates as they create level upon level with progressively fewer and lighter people to form el tronc (trunk) which is the central part of the castle, made up of some two to five human layers.




The uppermost levels of the tower are known as El pom de de dalt, and comprise young children. The Anxaneta is the tiniest (and braviest!) child that climbs all the way to the very top and, supported by only two people, raises a hand with four fingers up to symbolize the Catalan flag.

As well as having cultural and symbolic importance for the people of Catalonia, the castells are considered a demonstration of sporting prowess.

The castell season runs from April to November, with teams performing regularly at festa majors, national celebrations and Catalan competitions.

Loistohuvilat Espanjan Costa Bravassa

Charming Villas Catalonia on erikoistunut ylellisten huviloiden ja loma-asuntojen vuokraamiseen Barcelonan ja Costa Bravan alueella Espanjan Kataloniassa.

Barcelonan loistohuvilat

Charming Villas Catalonia – Espanjan loistohuviloiden ammattilainen

Ylellisistä merenrantahuviloista Costa Bravan Cadaquessa ja Begurissa hurmaaviin ja etäisiin maataloihin, jotka sijaitsevat Empordan maaseudulla. Tarjoamme vain parhaita ylellisiä huviloita ja vuokrattavia loma-asuntoja, joita Costa Bravassa on saatavilla.

Espanjan loma-asunnot

Costa Bravan loistohuvilat

Palvelumme on hyvin erikoistunut ja yksityiskohtainen: haluamme sinun saavan mahdollisimman paljon irti viettämästäsi ajassa Kataloniassa. Autamme sinua valitsemaan parhaiten tarpeisiisi sopivan asunnon, mutta tämä on kuitenkin vain yksi palvelumme osa-alue. Pidämme työskentelystä yhdessä asiakkaidemme kanssa ja annamme ehdotuksia matkustustavoista, minne mennä ja mitä paikkoja vältellä, yksityiskokkeja, polkupyörien vuokrausta, ravintolavarauksia ja paljon muuta. Voimme myös auttaa sinua saamaan pöytävarauksen maailman parhaasta ravintolasta El Celler de Can Rocasta, joka sijaitsee Gironassa.