Costa Brava Hot Air Balloon trip

The Catalan Pyrenees

The snow capped Pyrenees

 If you are looking for great activities to partake in while in the Costa Brava there can be few better than taking a Hot Air Balloon ride. There are various balloon companies to choose from in the Girona province. In our opinion the extinct volcanic region Garrotxa offered us the best mix of terrain and a closer proximity to the stunning snow capped Pyrenees.

Extinct volcanoes

The extinct volcanoes Croscat and Santa Margarita in the Garrotxa region.

 We flew with who have great modern installations between Olot and Santa Pau. There is a sweet feeling of anticipation as the balloons are being prepared and adrenalin starts to surge once you get into the basket. You lift silently up into the clouds and are quickly welcomed by some spectacular bird’s eye views of the surrounding landscape.

Mas de la Roureda

Mas de La Roureda, one of Charming Villas properties

 Typically a flight lasts for 1.5 hours and although the wind can never be guaranteed, a common landing zone is around the picturesque medieval village of Besalu. Whilst airborne everybody is offered a glass of Cava and some biscuits. Upon returning to the installations close to Santa Pau everyone is treated to a typical Catalan breakfast of Pa amb tomaquet, cheeses, cured meats and wine. If you only take one Hot Air Balloon ride in your life make it over the Garrotxa region with Vol de Coloms.

Cala Guillola, Cap de Creus, Cadaques


Cala Guillola

Cala Guillola, Cap de Creus, Cadaques

If hidden little coves and bays are your thing then look no further than Cala Guillola, roughly half way between Cadaques and Cap de Creus.

It can be a little difficult to find (you won’t see any signs pointing you where to go) and a little difficult actually getting there but your efforts will well be worth it.

Cala Guillola

Cala Guillola, close to Cadaques

We chanced upon the cove on a bright and fresh January morning with no other people in sight. Talk about idyllic, the temptation to try out the crystal clear water was very strong but the fact that we were in the middle of winter ensured sanity prevailed.

Aiguablava beach Begur

Aiguablava beach, Begur

Aiguablava, Begur, Costa Brava

One of the prettiest beaches along the whole Costa Brava, Aiguablava is a popular beach for holiday makers and locals alike.

At around 150m in length Aiguablava (Blue Water in Catalan) and due to its popularity the beach can become pretty crowded during the peak months of July and August.

Aiguablava Costa Brava

The empty beach of Aiguablava close to Begur


During the high season there are two or three small bars/restaurants and shops that open but it is not as commercialised such as somewhat larger beaches like Sa Riera or Tamariu.

The photographs posted here were taken on a slightly overcast windy February day.


Aiguablava, Costa Brava

The beaches and coves of Cadaques

Cadaques beaches

Platja de Ses Oliveres


Situated within the Cap de Creus headland, the beaches of Cadaques and its surrounding area tend to be smaller, more intimate coves and bays rather than your typical long sandy beaches.

The water quality in this region is probably the best of the whole Costa Brava.

Although not official nudist beaches, don’t be surprised to see nudists in some of the more secluded bays further from Cadaques especially in the Cap de Creus.

In the following Google map you will find the location of all the local beaches of Cadaques.,3.289633&spn=0.033142,0.084543

What to do in Cadaques


The beautiful coastal town of Cadaques

One of the most sought after holiday destinations on the whole Catalan coastline, Cadaques has an undeniable charm and mystique which draws you back time after time.

Cadaques has for the most part evaded the developers due mainly to the fact that it is situated in the Cap de Creus national park right at the top of the Costa Brava and is somewhat isolated. Cadaques has been around for centuries but the only road in and out of the town was built around 1908, meaning that up until then the only access to the town was by boat.

The Cap de Creus peninsula is the most eastern point of Spain meaning that it is also the first part of Spain to witness the sunrise. The area has also inspired many artists, most notably Salvador Dali who lived in the area for many years and who venerated the light and colour and elements which make up the Cap de Creus and Cadaques.


Cadaques beach

Dali bought a bunch of fisherman’s shacks on the harbour of Port Lligat which I guess you could call a suburb of Cadaques, converted them into one abode and spent a great part of his life here. The house is now a museum which is open to the public.

A great way to spend a day or half a day is to take a boat trip around the Cap de Creus. The Sant Isidre is a classic Catalan fishing boat built in 1925 and which has a capacity for up to 35 people. You will visit isolated bays which are only accessible by boat and have the option of lunch onboard.

Martin Faixo is a producer of some great local wines

Cadaques also has some great restaurants and too many to list here but here is a small sample:

Compartir . Opened in 2012 by three local chefs who worked at the world famous El Bulli, Compartir has quickly became one of Cadaques’s most popular restaurants.

MOS Cadaques is another new restaurant which opened its doors in 2012. Contemporary food from a Michelin starred chef.

Haiku Cadaques is a small intimate restaurant serving Japanese fusion dishes.

The Resclosa d’Orfes



The resclosa near Orfes

Orfes is a sleepy little village situated roughly in the middle between Figueres, Girona and Banyoles and surrounded by arable pasture land.

In ten minutes you will have seen the village but there is a pleasant little walk from the village to the “resclosa” or ford which crosses the nearby river Fluvia.

In the map below take the track indicated by the red line and you will arrive at the ford. You can either take your shoes and socks off and walk across and return on the track indicated by the purple line or return by the same way you came.


Walking route to the ford

If you have built up a good appetite, the restaurant in Orfes, La Barretina d’Orfes is a great choice for lunch. They have a great selection of duck dishes and don’t miss their onion cake starter!

Plaça Major, 28 Orfes

972 560 280

Closed Thursdays and Sunday evenings.


스페인 코스타 프라바 (Costa Brava) 럭셔리 빌라

챠밍 빌라 카탈로니아(Charming Villas Catalonia)는 스페인의 바르셀로나와 카탈로니아의 코스타 브라바(Costa Brava ) 지역에 있는 최고 수준의 빌라들과 휴가용 주택들의 임대를 전문으로 합니다.

스페인 휴가 렌트

바르셀로나 럭셔리 빌라

카다케스(Cadaques)와 코스타 리바의  베거(Begur)에 있는 최고급 해변가 빌라들 부터, 엠포르다(Emporda) 시골지역의 숨겨진 매력적인 농가까지, 저희는 코스타 브라바가 제공할 수 있는 최고급 럭셔리한 빌라와 휴가용 임대 주택들의 리스트만을 보유하고 있습니다.

스페인 최고의 해변가

코스타 브라바 럭셔리 빌라

저희는 여러분이 카탈로니아(Catalonia)에서 최대한 좋은 시간을 보내기를 소원하기 때문에, 저희 서비스는 매우 개인적이며 상세합니다.여러분의 요구에 부합하는 최고의 매물을 선택하는 것을 돕는 것이 저희의 유일한 관심입니다. 또 저희는 여행정보, 가야할 곳과 피해야 할 일, 개인 요리사, 자전거 렌트, 식당 예약 등등 과 같이 저희 고객들이 추천하는 서비스들과 함께 일하길 원합니다. 저희는 지로나 (Girona)에 있는 El Celler de Can Roca같은 세계 최고의 식당 자리 확보를 도울 것입니다.

챠밍 빌라 카탈로니아(Charming Villas Catalonia),



Luksus Villaer på Costa Brava i Spanien

Charmerende Villaer i Catalonien har specialiseret sig i udlejningen villaer og ferie feriehuse af høj standard i Barcelona og Costa Brava regionen beliggende i Catalonien, Spanien.

Luksus villaer i Costa Brava.

Villaer med privat pool i Spanien

Fra luksus strand villaer i Cadaques og Begur på Costa Brava til charmerende gårde, gemt væk I Emporda landskabet, vi har kun en liste over de allerbedste luksus villaer og ferie leje boliger som Costa Brava har at tilbyde.

Villaer med privat pool i Spanien

Sommerhus i Spanien

Vores service er meget personlig og detaljeret, og vi vil have dig til at få mest muligt ud af din tid her I Catalonien. At hjælpe dig med at vælge den bedste ejendom, som matcher dine behov er kun et aspekt. Vi vil også gerne arbejde sammen med vores kunder og tilbyde tjenester såsom rejseinformation, hvad man skal se og hvad man skal undgå, private kokke, cykeludlejning, restaurant reservationer og meget mere. Vi kan kokke, cykeludlejning, restaurant reservationer og meget mere. Vi kan også hjælpe med at sikre et bord på nummer et restauranten i verden, El Celler de Can Roca i Girona.


Lyxiga villor vid Costa Brava, Spanien

Charming Villas Catalonia inriktar sig mot förstklassiga hyr- och sommarvillor i Costa
Brava som ligger i Catalonia-regionen i Spanien.

Lyxvillor i Costa Brava.

Semesterbostäder i Spanien

Från lyxiga strandvillor i Cadaques och Begur vid Costa Brava till charmiga lanthus gömda längs Empordas landsbygd. Vi listar bara de allra bästa lyxvillorna och sommarhyrhusen som Costa Brava har att erbjuda.

Semesterbostäder i Spanien

Lyxvillor i Costa Brava

Vår tjänst är mycket skräddarsydd och detaljerad; vi vill att du ska få ut det mesta av Catalonia. Att hjälpa dig att välja den bästa egendomen som passar dina behov är bara en aspekt av tjänsten. Vi vill också samarbeta med våra klienter genom att förse information kring resande, vad du ska besöka, vad du ska undvika, privata kockar, cykeluthyrning, restaurangreservationer och mycket mer. Vi kan också hjälpa dig att boka bord i världens bästa restaurang, El Celler de Can Roca i Girona.